kai and koa logo teal_edited.png

Kai (KA-I) meaning Ocean

Koa (KO-Wa) meaning Warrior

Hawaiian are words inspired by Oahu.  The beginning of amazing relationship between surfing and I. Taking my love back home to Southern California and daydreaming what is now to be Kai and Koa. My brand inspired by a wave and to be shared by all....



Every design is locally made in Southern California and created or hand selected by me (HAylie Fuller). All my designs are made in small batches and printed with water-based ink to reduce the impact on the Earth.

My mission is to create a company that makes surf inspired clothing that is small business made, affordable, and inclusive to all. Whether you surf or not Kai and Koa is about sharing the wave instead hogging it.

We all belong in the line up.



"When I took my first wave at thirteen I immediately fell in love with surfing. Growing up it was all about drawing and spending every summer at the beach. It came naturally to me to dream of combining the two. I always wanted to create my own clothing brand that was inspired by my love for that first wave.

Kai and Koa was created to be a brand that everyone can love whether it was a shared love of surfing or adventuring across the country it doesn't matter to me as long as it is doing what you love."

-Haylie fuller